3 Lessons: Learn to Spot Trade Setups on Your Charts

In these three lessons from our popular Trader's Classroom educational service, instructor Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how to use Elliott wave and other technical methods to find opportunities in the charts you follow every day.

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Find high-confidence trade setups for yourself

In video one, Kennedy reviews the five basic Elliott wave patterns -- the impulse, diagonal, zigzag, flat and triangle -- so you can recognize them on your charts. He then shares one of his favorite high-confidence trade setups.

The Kennedy Channeling Technique (KCT) is a method Jeffrey discovered that helps differentiate corrective waves from waves in the direction of the trend, so you know when to jump in and when to stay on the sidelines. In lesson two, he'll demonstrate how to use this powerful method.

In the last lesson, Jeffrey shows you how to combine multiple forms of technical analysis in order to create a compelling forecast. Using the chart of Las Vegas Sands, you'll learn how to add confidence to your Elliott wave analysis using RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) and Japanese candlestick analysis.

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3 Lessons: Learn to Spot Trade Setups on Your Charts

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3 Lessons: Learn to Spot Trade Setups on Your Charts

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Meet Your Presenter

Jeffrey Kennedy

Jeffrey Kennedy Chief Commodity Analyst

Jeffrey Kennedy, MSTA, CFTe, CMT, CEWA-M, draws on more than 30 years of experience as an analyst, teacher and trader. He was an adjunct instructor for five years in the Quantitative and Computational Finance program at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he taught technical analysis. He also co-authored the 2013 book Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading. Jeffrey provides video forecasts and analysis for EWI's Commodity Junctures Service on a Daily and Monthly basis. He also produces video lessons for EWI's popular Trader's Classroom, an educational service that shows subscribers how to trade with wave analysis and supporting technical methods, as well as the newly launched Crypto Trader's Classroom.