Bitcoin + 7 More Cryptos: Spot the Next Big Move BEFORE It Starts

Opportunity-Focused Event for Traders | Sept. 16-23 | $298 FREE

Last week's crypto "flash crash" -- when Bitcoin plunged 18% in one day -- shook a lot of traders. Maybe you, too.

Or maybe you thought "Great!" -- and now you're ready to "buy the dip." Should you?

Making sense of these wild swings after the fact is hard enough. It's even harder to know what's next.

We understand the challenge. We also know this...

You have a better way (than guesswork) to get clarity

On Sept. 16-23, we're opening up the doors to our trader-focused Crypto Pro Service. Free for 7 days ONLY, you'll get clear, objective intraday + daily forecasts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Binance Coin and Bitcoin Cash.

PLUS: Watch the special webinar. Recorded Sept. 16, Crypto Pro Service editor Tony Carrion gets you up-to-speed on Bitcoin's wave journey and reveals what's next. Sign up for Crypto Open House to watch now.

Altogether, it's a $298 value, yours free. (We won't ask for a credit card; "free" means free.)

Why you should join in

EWI has a long history with cryptos. We alerted subscribers to Bitcoin's huge potential back in 2010, when it was trading around 6 cents! And since the launch of our trader-focused Crypto Pro Service in 2017, the team is on record with 100s of subscriber alerts for both bullish and bearish setups for Bitcoin and the gang.

Our promise to you: At the end of this 7-day event, you'll see cryptos with far more clarity and predictability.

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