Wealth Preservation in Very High-Risk Financial Times

SafeWealth's manual offers strategies designed for the top 5-10% of wealth holders around the world. Wealth Preservation in Very High-Risk Financial Times answers crucial questions that most people don't even know enough to ask about protecting their wealth.

  • Format: Book | 200 pages
  • By: The SafeWealth Group
This book is currently unavailable.

Few experts can show you how to protect your wealth

Previously this volume was available exclusively to SafeWealth Group's select, high-net worth clients ($500k+ to invest). The book discusses specific, little-known but proven wealth preservation strategies offered by SafeWealth and its exclusive partner institutions. The book does not disclose contact names or institutions, but readers will discover how to establish a relationship with SafeWealth, which has private long-term relationships with the truly safest institutions in the world – institutions whose history and practices far exceed those which claimed the failed "AAA" rating. In turn, SWG has created multiple high-security instruments for wealth preservation.

If you have wealth to protect, there is no such thing as being too safe.

Meet Your Author

The SafeWealth Group

SWG's roots go back a quarter century. The group's primary activity is to provide qualified individuals, companies, trusts and/or partnerships and foundations access to the world's truly safest institutions. Serving clients on all five continents, SWG's wealth preservation orientated reports and financial access services are relied upon by high to very high net worth investors domiciled in some thirty countries around the world. Furthermore, a growing number of banks, insurance and asset management companies, as well as other financial institutions, employ SWG's services in one form or another.

You have to rely on yourself!

You can't trust rating services. Sometimes they rate investments AAA just before they go to zero. You can't trust the media. They are always behind the curve. You can't trust government. It never changes course until a crisis hits, and then it's too late. You have to rely on yourself!

If you are worried about stocks, real estate, deficits/debt, bad loans choking the banking system or worried that municipalities will go bust and default on their bonds then you have to act, as a smart, independent individual, to protect yourself.

Put bluntly, there is no in-between. Either your wealth is protected, or it is not.

If you have serious personal or corporate wealth to protect – at least $500k; no upper limit – or you want access to the world's safest banks, monetary storage facilities and other institutions, or you'd like to learn approaches to financial safety that only a few investors know about then you need SafeWealth Group's unique, 200-page wealth protection manual.

Special Offer

Via a special arrangement, we have obtained the privilege to offer SafeWealth's manual to you, so you can learn about strategies designed for the top 5-10% of wealth holders around the world. The $250 price includes both the print edition and immediate access to the online eReader version. Act while you can. When the doors close on safety, it will be too late.

200 pages | Price: $250

This book is currently unavailable.

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