Socionomics: The Science of History and Social Prediction

2-Volume Book Collection

The new science of socionomics takes hundreds of popular notions about mass psychology, culture and the stock market and stands them on their heads. This 2-book set will transform your understanding of how our society works. It will change the way you read the newspaper. It will even show you how to predict news trends months in advance. Learn for yourself the science of social prediction.

  • Format: Book Collection
  • By: Robert Prechter

Transform your understanding of how our society works

What drives social action? And can you predict it?

Bestselling author Robert Prechter gives a revolutionary answer in this compelling 2-book set.

Mood impels action. An increasingly positive social mood causes people to buy stocks and expand businesses... [while] an increasingly negative social mood causes people to sell stocks and contract businesses. ... Actions do not affect mood - it's the other way around.

These two books examine the historical correlation between shifts in social mood and their most sensitive register, the stock market. They also present you with engaging studies that relate social mood trends to music, sports, corporate culture, peace, war and the global economy.

This collection includes:

This book introduces you to the new science of socionomics and shows you how history unfolds not randomly or in cycles but as form-driven fractal waves. It's fun and entertaining, too. One seasoned veteran reported, "I kept nodding my head, sometimes laughing out loud and shouting Yes!"

  • Format: Book | 463 pages
  • By: Robert Prechter

This book completely turns around the conventional direction of causality between financial markets and social moods and behaviors. Peruse more than 20 years of research into this new model of thought, the science of socionomics.

  • Format: Book | 486 pages
  • By: Robert Prechter

Meet Your Author

Robert Prechter

Robert R. Prechter Founder and President, Elliott Wave International

Robert R. Prechter’s name is familiar to market observers the world over. Since founding EWI in 1979, Prechter has focused on applying and enhancing the Wave Principle, R.N. Elliott’s fractal model of financial pricing. Prechter shares his market insights in The Elliott Wave Theorist, one of the longest-running financial publications in existence today. Prechter has developed a theory of social causality called socionomics, whose main hypothesis is endogenously regulated waves of social mood prompt social actions. In other words, events don’t shape moods; moods shape events. Prechter has authored and edited several academic papers. He has written 18 books on finance and socionomics, including a New York Times bestseller.

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