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Bitcoin: The Greatest Bubble of All Time

Whenever a brand-new technology emerges, it often attracts a lot of investor interest. We saw it with the internet in the late 1990s. We're seeing it today with Bitcoin. Both have been described as bubbles. The internet survived, and thrived. Will cryptocurrencies follow the same path?

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Elliott Wave Video Crash Course

This three-video series demolishes the widely held notion that news drives the markets and provides a basis for using Elliott wave analysis in your own trading and investing decisions.

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Introduction to the Wave Principle

In addition to providing publications packed with labeled charts, unique insights and expert analysis and educational products that run the gamut from in-person workshops to streaming media and books, we are dedicated to educating people about the Wave Principle.

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Learn What REALLY Moves the Markets

In just 12 minutes, Bob Prechter reveals eye-opening evidence that shows external factors -- be they interest rates, war or peace, oil prices, inflation, quantitative easing, even terrorism -- do not in fact regulate financial markets as most experts claim.

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What You Need to Know Now About Protecting Yourself from Deflation

Get this special report about the unexpected but imminent and grave risk to your portfolio with 29 specific forecasts for Stocks, Real Estate, Gold, New Cultural Trends -- and More.

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Get Your FREE 8-Lesson 'Conquer the Crash' Collection Now

This valuable resource includes 8 lessons on topics critical to your financial survival, including: what you should do with your pension plan, what you should do it you own a business, calling in loans and paying off debt, whether you should trust the government to protect you.

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Indicators, Oscillators and Bar Patterns ... Oh My!

For more than 10 years, veteran trader Jeffrey Kennedy has shared trading lessons, inspired by his own personal trading experiences, in his popular Trader's Classroom column. Enjoy two of his lessons in this free resource.

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Tips From a Pro: How To Trade Forex With Elliott Wave

Learn what the Wave Principle is and which waves are best for trading forex in this 20-minute video presentation from EWI's Senior Currency Strategies Jim Martens.

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How To Find High-Confidence Trading Opportunities Using Moving Averages

In this excerpt from the "How to Trade the Highest Probability Opportunities: Moving Averages" eBook, Trading Master Jeffrey Kennedy teaches you key applications and uses of the technical analysis tool of Moving Averages.

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Improve Your Success with 14 Actionable Trading Lessons

Understanding the Wave Principle and how it works is only the first step toward putting it to practice in your everyday trading and investing decisions. Jeffrey Kennedy breaks down real-life trading scenarios and shows you how the Wave Principle can work for you in real time.

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Test Your Knowledge of the Wave Principle

This free resource allows you to test your wave labeling skills against those of our seasoned analysts. Test yourself today and see how sharp your skills are.

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Elliott Wave Tutorial

Learn about the Elliott Wave Principle and how applying it to your market analysis can improve your investing and trading with these 10 Lessons on the Wave Principle.

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Latest Club EWI Exclusive Articles

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January 2016 Forecast: And the 70 percent, 24-Month Gain That Followed

See it for yourself: Classic technical analysis, plus Elliott Wave patterns that put subscribers ahead of the huge turn and two-year price move.

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A Nation of Investors

See the "how" and "when" of the relationship of the stock market to the United States -- specifically, why it has become A Nation of Investors.

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"Five Down" and "Three Up"

Monday (Feb. 26) saw the Dow up 300+ points, adding to the apparent recovery from early February's big dive. Yet, just after Monday's close, Short Term Update said the up-trend was about to turn down. See the chart for yourself.

First - wow. I'm learning a lot from the resources that you have posted on your website. ... Well worth the time spent watching and taking notes."

— Brendan Foley

Thank you EWI for such a brilliant and fully fledged website with a lot of educational material. Really a fabulous work."

— Kumar Bharath

Thisis a super series, chock full of instructive info & advice. I expect to review ... to understand and reinforce your insights."

— Peter Woo