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Video Mood Riffs: Dropping Pounds & Crumbling Crowns

by Socionomics Institute
Updated: February 10, 2023

Forecast beyond the markets

All investors appreciate a good market forecast. But elite investors want to know what's on the horizon beyond the markets. Pandemics, revolutions, interruptions in global trade: what sources of risk could leave your business vulnerable? The latest issue of The Socionomist illustrates how insights from Robert Prechter's socionomic theory can boost risk managers' ability to anticipate disruptions and fortify their organizations before danger strikes. Read it instantly when you become a Socionomics Premier Member.

Stocks: Why “Uncontrollable Selling” Might Be Ahead

Financial markets which are driven by fear usually move much faster than those driven by hope. It appears the setup is in place for just such an occurrence. Here's what I'm talking about.

Chinese Investors Are Rushing into Gold. Should You?

The wild card for the global markets remains China. You've heard about its real estate problems; now the yuan is on the rocks. Here's our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Mark Galasiewski, with a handy chart and a few under-the-radar highlights from the October issue to give you a unique perspective on the situation.

European Stocks: “Deeper and Deeper”

October is almost here, and so far, "things are quiet" in the markets, says our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor Brian Whitmer. But watch as he lists a few items on his radar as he gives you highlights from the new, October issue.