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Prepare for the Bear: Conspiracies, Magical Thinking and Wild Ideas

by The Socionomics Institute
Updated: May 24, 2022

Sure, bear markets establish a "new normal" in the direction of stock prices. But the psychology behind the bear also establishes a new normal in the ideas that society embraces. Careful, rational thinking often goes out the window, in favor of impulsive, emotional appeals. The rejection of rationality can even come from within the scientific community itself -- with disastrous consequences. Learn more about these risks -- so that you can be ready for them -- when you watch this excerpt from the "Prepare for the Bear" conversation series.

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Are you ready for the next big bear market? The "Prepare for the Bear" conversation series helps you to anticipate risks BEYOND turbulence on stock price charts. The first installment addresses the risk of turbulence in broader society and culture. Watch the full episode when you join the SocioClub via the fast, free steps below.

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