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Cryptocurrencies: Fortune Favors the... Traders with Elliott Wave Analysis on Their Side

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by Nico Isaac
Updated: March 31, 2022

Nobody really knows how the cryptocurrency market began. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, with an anonymous programmer going by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto launching the Bitcoin blockchain network in 2009 and the first known Bitcoin purchase being a pair of $20 Papa John's pizzas.

But most anyone can tell you where cryptos are now. Once denigrated as a seedy black market for ne'er-do-wells of all nefarious ilks, digital currencies have morphed into one of the most heavily traded financial markets in the world with a multi-trillion-dollar capitalization and popular adoption by everyone from Wall Street icons, tech giants, and Hollywood celebrities.

In 2021, prominent socialite Paris Hilton tweeted "Diamonds may be your best friend, but #Bitcoin is forever." While reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian shared her interest in a "little-known crypto token EthereumMax" to her 200 M-M-Million social media followers.

2022 kicked off with a TV commercial sponsored by starring the actor Matt Damon decked in all black walking Jason Bourne style through a sleek hall of astronauts, icepick mountaineers, and famous inventors only to end with the words "Fortune Favors the Brave."

The commercial was scorched, hotly criticized for the claim that, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, fortune favors the ... fortunate ones -- like movie stars who can afford the astronomical risks inherit in "unpredictable" crypto markets while the average person can only spectate from the nosebleed seats.

We have a different take. We believe that the only prerequisite for capitalizing on cryptocurrencies isn't bravery, or preexisting riches. It's having an objective model that doesn't simply point out where opportunity lies but teaches you how to identify potential setups on your own.

And that's exactly what our brand-new service Crypto Trader's Classroom is designed to do. This groundbreaking resource is the collaboration of 4 of EWI's market-savvy technical analysis instructors who joined their individual strengths to create a united force where education meets action.

Together, the Crypto Trader's Classroom team utilizes technical tools from momentum indicators to Elliott wave patterns to teach subscribers how to spot high-confidence setups in the world's leading crypto markets and help spot low-risk scenarios along the way.

Easy to say, right?

Well, let's see how it's actually done. On March 13, one of Crypto Trader's Classroom's team members Michael Madden presented this labeled price chart of Bitcoin (in his Crypto Pro Service intraday update) which set the stage for a powerful, post- Elliott-wave-triangle thrust:

"The wave ((x)) triangle has ended abruptly, we expect Bitcoin to stage an aggressive impulsive advance as the price action thrusts out of the period of consolidation. Breaking above the (b)-(d) trendline is the bull's next objective."

Bitcoin - USD - 4 hour - 3-13-22

From there, BTCUSD took to the upside as Michael's wave count called for.

Then, on March 23, Michael reinforced his Bitcoin analysis in a Crypto Trader's Classroom video lesson. There, he presented the following price chart and walked subscribers through an effective technique for calculating the thrust's upside objective.

Bitcoin - USD - 4 hour - 3-22-22

Between March 13 and 29, BTC rallied some $10,000 to turn positive for 2022. Crypto Trader's Classroom subscribers know whether that high meets the price targets laid out in the March 23 lesson.

Right now, Crypto Trader's Classroom presents detailed video lessons on meaningful developments underway in Cardano, VeChain, Ethereum, Ripple, Tezos -- and, yes, Bitcoin.

Subscribe today to be part of the first generation of our Crypto Trader's Classroom crop of students and discover why capitalizing on crypto trends is less about being intrepid and more about being prepared and independent.

See below for details on how to watch new video crypto lessons now.

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