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Gamestop (GME): How to Apply Technical Analysis to a "Crazy" Market

by Vadim Pokhlebkin
Updated: February 02, 2021

Enough has been said about the recent price action in GME, so instead of repeating what you already know, let us ask this important question: Was there any way to foresee GME's jump from $4 to $350?

In our Trader's Classroom, editor Jeffrey Kennedy teaches simple technical analysis techniques using real markets. But does any forecasting technique work in a "crazy" market like Gamestop?

The short answer is, yes. Watch Jeffrey show how technical analysis could have made your life easier in GME from the March 2020 lows all the way to today's $350 range.

Free, watch now.

Yes, even "crazy" markets follow a certain logic

That logic's name is "market psychology." It shifts from optimism to pessimism in predictable patterns, even in "crazy" markets like GME.

The reason why is simple: Whenever groups of humans are involved, collective psychology takes over. Elliott waves work by helping you track and forecast its shifts.

And when you combine the waves with technical analysis techniques taught by our Trader's Classroom, you get even more clarity.

See for yourself when you take Trader's Classroom for a spin today.


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