How to Trade Forex with the Elliott Wave Model

Lessons in Real-Time Trading

Let Senior Currency Strategist Jim Martens show you how to use the Elliott wave model to accomplish three crucial goals: Identify the trend, stay with it, and know when the trend is likely over.

  • Format: DVD or Streaming | 90 minutes
  • Instructor: Jim Martens
  • Level: Advanced

Learn to apply Jim's easy-to-grasp trading techniques

This is your chance to learn to apply Jim's time-tested trading techniques to your trading. Jim proves to you that trading with Elliott waves doesn't have to be complicated. With only three hard-and-fast rules, Jim boils the Wave Principle down to the need-to-know basics that will help any trader become an Elliott wave trader.

Order this 90-minute video now and learn how Jim's simple approach to finding high-confidence trade setups using the Wave Principle, combined with the tips and tricks learned over 20 years of trading, can help maximize your forex trading.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to identify trends and countertrends across multiple time frames using the Wave Principle
  • How to spot Jim's favorite high-confidence trade setups 
  • How to put your trade plan into action – including your entry, exit, targets and stop levels – using wave analysis and Fibonacci relationships
  • How to manage risk with the Wave Principle's built-in rules and guidelines
  • How to use mainstream news and cross-market analysis to give your forex trading a unique advantage

Meet Your Instructor

Jim Martens

Jim Martens Senior Currency Strategist

Jim Martens is EWI's Senior Currency Strategist and editor of trader-focused Currency Pro Service. He began his financial markets career in the mid-1980s in New York. Jim is an experienced instructor who presents Elliott waves as a forex-trading method at seminars and tutorials around the world.


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90 minutes | Advanced

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