April 2021 Elliott Wave Theorist

The April Elliott Wave Theorist is a rare video issue on the outlook for three key market sectors. Robert Prechter delivered this presentation on January 18, 2021. Interest rates have followed the script by rising sharply, and they have more to go. Commodities gained since that time as well. Stock indexes went on to make new highs and have seen weakness since.

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Here's what subscribers are saying about the issue:

Robert a well done and Excellent Theorist which caused me to really think about 2021, as it unfolds. As a subscriber for several years I can see how things are unfolding, in advance, and understand the events as they unfold, especially in 2020 and now 2021 and can project out how things will progress in 2022/23.

-- John M.

Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your secular presentation last week. Very thought provoking.

-- Martin P.


-- Ed H.

I was too busy to listen to your whole presentation, but, fortunately, I listened to all of it anyway. You are a highly individualized thinker, a true visionary and a maverick. I marvel at how you forged a career out of your vision and your will. I felt so fortunate and honored to watch your presentation.

-- John P.

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