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See How “Elegant and Brilliant” Simple Indicators Can Be

by Vadim Pokhlebkin
Updated: March 30, 2021

MACD. RSI. Bollinger Bands. Trend channels. Elliott wave labels, Fibonacci support and resistance levels, moving averages...

There are THOUSANDS of technical studies out there -- and many of them are available to you on any trading platform. Free!

When you first see this exuberance, it's tempting to add more and more indicators to your charts. But do you really have to?

Watch our Trader's Classroom instructor Jeffrey Kennedy show you that more is not always better -- and see how to handle the indicator overload.

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“Simple” is powerful

You can spend hours watching financial TV networks and reading research, like many traders do.

Or, you can simply glance at a chart. Often, that's all you need to know if your market is headed "up, down or sideways."

Let our Trader's Classroom show you how "elegant, brilliant" and effective simple technical analysis can be.

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