Learn How to Use Options + Elliott to Spot Opportunities

Want to see how a real options trader uses Elliott waves to spot new opportunities?

We pulled this recording from a recent live trading webinar hosted by our friend and fellow Elliott waver, Todd Gordon.

In these 3 videos, Todd tells you why options are his personal "preferred trading vehicle," explains one of his favorite options strategies -- and teaches you how to use "trading EQ" ("emotional intelligence").

Todd packs a lot of useful tips in these 3 short videos -- watch.

Real Trader. Real Money. Real Markets.

All You Do is Watch – and Trade Alongside (Or, Watch to Learn).

Todd Gordon is the real deal. This ex-Wall Street trader and frequent CNBC guest uses real money, real Elliott, real stocks, real options strategies, in real time.

His Trading Analysis Premier is the perfect live trading service, in our opinion. As a subscriber, you watch over Todd’s shoulder as he trades -- and you’re free to take the same positions.

It's a great way to learn even if you choose not to trade alongside Todd from the get-go.

For a very limited time, Todd is offering EWI readers his Trading Analysis Premier service at big discount.