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Ethereum: Riding the "Ending Diagonal" Elliott Wave Pattern

by Editorial Staff
Updated: August 03, 2023

Some people say, you don't have to be a good market analyst to be a good trader. Analysts analyze and forecast; traders manage risk and constantly juggle go/no-go decisions. Two different skillsets.

That's true, but when you're good at Elliott wave analysis, it certainly helps you be better at trading.

Our Crypto Trader's Classroom lives in both worlds. Its lessons help you bridge the gap between trading and analysis. Case in point: When you look back at a price chart, it's easy to separate Elliott wave patterns into neat piles: "Here's a triangle, and here's a wave 3." In real time, however, your job as an Elliott wave trader is to rank probabilities.

Here's our Crypto Trader's Classroom editor Michael Madden explaining how to handle the diagonal pattern in real time by looking at one in Ethereum.

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