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“4 chart patterns that I’ve come to respect”

by Editorial Staff
Updated: August 17, 2021

Every trader knows the sting of defeat. Getting surprised by price action stinks -- but usually, it's not the market's "fault."

More often than not, the surprise is the result of something you missed or ignored.

Watch our Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy walk you through some bar and chart patterns that he "learned not to ignore."

Jeffrey walks you through the real-market chart of WLTW.

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Take the guesswork out of your trading

"I think it's going higher." -- "Pretty sure it's gonna crash from here."

Listen to some traders talk, and you'll hear phrases like that a lot.

You can do better than that. Sure, there are no guarantees in the markets, but there are unmistakable signs and signals.

Three times a week, using real-market charts, our Trader's Classroom teaches you how to spot them.

Here's how to watch the latest lessons right now.

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