How to Spot New Trading Opportunities in Real Markets

Real Markets | Hands-on Insights | June 25 | 1 Hour


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"How to Spot New Trading Opportunities in Real Markets" Webinar


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All traders want “better results.” But few have an actual plan how to get them.

So, we want to help you develop your plan.

Here's How

Once a month, Jeffrey Kennedy, the long-time editor of our popular Trader's Classroom, holds a live trading lesson.

Until now, it's only been reserved for Trader's Classroom subscribers.

But now, we're making it available to every trader who wants to elevate their game.

On June 25, you'll see a real market (or markets)

Just like in his Trader's Classroom lessons, Jeffrey only shows you real markets.

Usually, this market will also have a real-time, developing opportunity.

You can choose to act on this opportunity. Or, you can simply absorb the trading lesson for future use.

The precise market Jeffrey will show you on June 25 is TBD. It could be a stock, a commodity, a stock index, or an ETF. Whatever market Jeffrey chooses, it will be one that offers you a hard-hitting lesson in real-market Elliott wave (and other technical analysis) application.

Expect to walk away with this new knowledge

Jeffrey's Trader's Classroom lessons focus on helping you turn Elliott waves into actual trading plans.

You'll learn the same during the 1-hour live session on June 25.

On June 25, and in these future live monthly events, Jeffrey will show you how to:

Use Elliott waves to spot a setup

Know when to enter the market

Set price targets and exits

Set stops and manage risk

Bring your questions!

At the end of Jeffrey's lesson on June 25, he will open the floor for questions. So, bring yours!

And afterwards, you'll get a copy of the webinar recording.

Review and re-learn as often as you need to, on demand.

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