Here's a fact most traders don't know

The more emotional the markets are, the clearer Elliott wave patterns get.

In other words, the waves let you turn volatility we're seeing now into opportunities. Every day.

But even on a calm day, it's hard to constantly survey the markets. And even when you do spot that "perfect" setup, good ol' fear and greed kick in -- and make your task even harder.

There is one proven way to help you anticipate turns and ride trends with confidence:

Hire an objective, experienced forecasting expert.

Someone who prepares you even before the session starts. Someone who helps you apply Elliott waves in real time. Someone who can be your calming ally when markets go berserk.

Someone to give you up-to-the-minute guidance -- every single trading day.

Volatility = New Opportunities

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Your forecasts are all in your subscription portal, making it easy for you to toggle between markets and your intraday, daily and weekly forecasts.


Intraday Forecasts: During market hours, you get near-term forecasts throughout the session. Your forecasts include labeled charts, succinct commentary, price targets and key support and resistance levels.

Daily and Weekly Forecasts: Every evening you get a clear forecast for the next day, including labeled charts. Also, your weekly forecasts show you how the intraday and daily action fits into the big picture.

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