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U.S. Stocks: This Major Group of Investors is Sending a Signal

The same indicator has helped our analysts to identify ends of rallies many times before

by Bob Stokes
Updated: August 04, 2020

Elliott Wave International's analysts have long noted that governments tend to commit to a financial trend just when it's about to reverse.

There's also another big group of investors that you need to watch: overseas buyers.

As EWI president Robert Prechter explained years ago in his book Prechter's Perspective:

For decades, heavy foreign buying in the U.S. stock market has served as an excellent indicator of major tops.

Indeed, this observation has served subscribers to Prechter's monthly Elliott Wave Theorist well. For example, in the late 1980s, after years of disinterest, foreigners became net buyers of Japanese stocks. The Theorist used the inflow of overseas money to identify the termination phase of one of the biggest bull markets in history.

And, in August 2007, the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, another monthly publication which is part of our flagship investor package, showed this chart and said:


This chart of the Dow and foreigners' net purchases of U.S. equities shows how the correlation held for U.S. shares through the bull market of the 1990s. After briefly fleeing the U.S. market in a record net selling month last December, foreigners jumped into the U.S. market like never before in May. The new record was a full third higher than the old one, which was set in February 2000, one month after the Dow Industrials' 2000 peak and one month before the NASDAQ's all-time high. The first five months of the year produced what was easily the biggest gusher of net foreign buying in history.

Well, as you probably know, the DJIA topped in October 2007 -- just two months after that analysis.

There's a good reason for sharing these insights about overseas equity purchases at this time.

You see, our new, August Elliott Wave Financial Forecast presents a chart of overseas purchases of U.S. stocks that every market participant should ponder.

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NASDAQ: Get Timely Insights – Now

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