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Social Media, Social Mood and the Coming Chorus of "More Harm Than Good!"

by Brian Whitmer
Updated: May 28, 2019

Lots of contrarian investors know that "news does not drive financial market trends." Yet here's a contrarian truth that is less well-known:

Certain financial news stories will prove to be
more relevant in the future than on the day they appear.

And if you can recognize those few certain stories for what they are ... you will have an edge. We want to show you such a story exactly as it was described, via an excerpt from the latest issue of The European Financial Forecast.

The news story is about governments and social media. Our insight about that story has to do with the trend in tech stocks, and whether government "blowback" anticipates the ire of investors. The European Financial Forecast excerpt also includes a chart you will not see elsewhere, complete with a highly-revealing five-wave Elliott Wave pattern.

If you'd like to see that chart -- and how today's "buried" story becomes tomorrow's Big News -- please follow the easy step below.

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