In Financial Markets, Conventional "Wisdom" is Anything But

Time after time, the "conventional wisdom" misleads investors. The markets tell their own story -- and that story unfolds in recognizable patterns.

Don't be caught off guard. See what Elliott Wave analysis will show you about market trends in 2019, and beyond.

Financial Forecast Service and Global Forecast Service subscribers rely on our clear, objective analysis to spell out new risks and opportunities.

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Elliott Wave Financial Forecast Service


The Financial Forecast Service is our most popular product. All month long, we give you insights into the U.S. stock indexes, bonds, gold, silver, the U.S. dollar, as well as market psychology and cultural trends.

Comprises the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, Short Term Update and Elliott Wave Theorist.

Global Forecast Service with U.S. Focus


Clear, actionable analysis and forecasts for the world's major financial markets -- including stock indexes, cryptos, precious metals, forex pairs, interest rates, energy markets, cultural trends and more.

Combines the Global Market Perspective, Elliott Wave Theorist and the U.S. Short Term Update.