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"Economy LAGS the stock market"

by Editorial Staff
Updated: September 04, 2020

"Why are stocks up when the economy is down?" That's the question mainstream analysts have wrestled with for months. Now hear some unconventional answers in this new interview our monthly Financial Forecast co-editor, Steve Hochberg, recently gave to Moe Ansari on Market Wrap (recorded Friday, August 28).

"2020 is not a normal year."

You've heard people say that, "This year has changed everything."

True, 2020 has changed a lot of things. But some things have stood the test of time.

Elliott wave analysis has its roots in the Great Depression era. Through decades of huge bull markets and devastating crashes, Elliott wave patterns have continued to guide investors.

We are doing that today, as well. Discover how inside our comprehensive Financial Forecast Service.


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