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Canada Goose: "What If" You Could Have Seen Where Prices are Today -- One Year AGO!

by Nico Isaac
Updated: January 06, 2020

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While Australia Burned, Real Estate Prices...Rose?

An observer might guess that the unprecedented brushfires which devastated properties in Australia would have deterred people from buying homes. Not so. Fundamental analysis usually disappoints. That's why our analysts use the Elliott wave model. Find out how.

Yo, Non-Profits: Here's Your Strategy for 2020

Whether you run a charity, you volunteer or you love to give to your favorite causes, you can use the stock market to signal if society is feeling generous or if contributions will be harder to come by--and then you can strategize accordingly. Get the lowdown on how to foresee likely giving trends in the year ahead when you watch this excerpt from 20 Trends You Can Anticipate in 2020.

German Bunds: A Foreign Market, a Familiar Pattern

Our fans often ask, "Can I apply Elliott waves to... [fill in the market name]?" The answer is always -- yes! Use them in any freely traded, liquid market. For example, watch our Interest Rates Pro Service contributor walk you through his recent call in Bunds, Germany's equivalent of the U.S. Treasury Bonds.