Ah, Snap! Here’s What Snap Inc.’s Action is Likely Signaling

“Air-pocket declines … are harbingers”

by Bob Stokes
Updated: July 07, 2022

Snap Inc. is the company which developed Snapchat, the social media app which allows users to customize the content they share with others – right in the app.

Recently, the firm introduced Snapchat+ -- available for $3.99 a month.

Snap could use some success -- it's been a tough go lately.

Our June Global Market Perspective showed this chart and said:


Technology routs are becoming more contagious. On [May 24], when Snap Inc. announced that it will slow hiring as it braces "to miss earnings and revenue targets," its shares declined more than 44%, and other social media giants quickly followed.... The air-pocket declines in various indexes and stocks matter, a lot. They are harbingers.

On May 27, the day the June Global Market Perspective published, Snap's stock price was trading at $15.58.

As of this intraday writing on July 6, the price is even lower -- $14.18.

Despite the big price drops in well-known technology names, you might be surprised to learn that many professional market observers are still bullish.

Indeed, here's a June 22 Yahoo! Finance headline:

Analysts remain 'unusually bullish' about S&P 500 stocks despite downturn

In Elliott Wave International's view, the combination of the downtrend in U.S. stocks with a highly bullish sentiment is nothing less than a major warning sign.


But what about stocks in other parts of the world?

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For example, our just-published July Global Market Perspective says:

The FTSE's long-term waves have... frustrated the bulls and bears alike. At its June 17 intraday low of 6998, Britain's benchmark index stood just 47 points above its intraday peak on December 30, 1999. In other words, an entire generation of investors underwent an agonizing 22 years of ups and downs and now has less than a single percentage point of capital gains to show for it.

That comment is accompanied by a chart which shows the Elliott wave structure of the FTSE, and hence, what you can expect next.

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