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2019: Why It May Mark a Stock Market Milestone

Significant stock market tops and bottoms often happen in years ending in this number

by Bob Stokes
Updated: November 29, 2019

A classic Elliott Wave Theorist noted:

The three pillars of market analysis and forecasting are patterns, momentum and sentiment.

Even so, EWI’s analysts also look at other factors when assessing financial markets.

For example, the just-published December Elliott Wave Theorist has a section titled:

The Financial Trends of a Decade Often End in the “9” Year

The Theorist presents 12 stock market charts (with commentary) from the past century-plus: Each comes from a year ending in “9.” The twelfth chart takes you into November 2019.

Let’s look at two of those 12 historic charts.

The first sample chart and commentary focuses on the year 1919, when there was a notable market top:

Major High in 1919

After five years of gains, November 1919 saw a market top that led to the biggest two-year percentage decline in twelve years. The stock market bottomed in 1921 with the economy in recession.

This next sample chart shows an instance when there was a major market bottom – 2009:

Major Low in 2009

In 1999-2000, U.S. stock indexes began a bear market that finally ended in March 2009. The low that year has led to more than ten years of price rise.

As for the upward stock market trend that began in March 2009 … is a conclusion "guaranteed" in 2019?

Well, let’s go back to the three pillars of market analysis and forecasting: patterns, momentum and sentiment for clues.

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