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Will Investment Bankers Ever Remember the Last Crash?

by Socionomics Institute
Updated: March 31, 2023

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The clip you just watched was adapted from Professor Dennis Elam and Matt Lampert's presentation at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Behavioral Finance and Economics.

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Lockheed's (LMT) "Waterfall Decline" from Record Highs Fits Elliott Wave "Form" to a T

On April 18, aerospace/military defense giant and Big Board listee Lockheed Martin (LMT) soared to its highest level in its 28-year history. Where "fundamental" analysis was shapeless, Elliott wave analysis saw the stock's current form, and its price future.


Forget the Fed -- Watch the Waves

The Federal Reserve, and to a lesser degree the European Central Bank, have dominated the conversation about interest rates lately. But watch our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst Ivo Zhelev apply textbook Elliott waves to forecast the price of the UK's Long Gilt -- and, by extension, UK interest rates -- without a single glance at central bank statements.

Why a U.S. Recession May Foil Economists’ Expectations

A recent survey reveals positive expectations for the economy by a group of "professional forecasters." Learn why you may not want to bet the farm on that expectation. This chart compares leading economic indicators around the time of past recessions with what's going on now.