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Video Mood Riffs: Just Say No to Drug Charges & Improvised Market Explanations

by The Socionomics Institute
Updated: May 13, 2022

FREE: Discover how to use the stock market to forecast cultural trends

Suppose you wanted to predict the "next big thing" in entertainment. Or the prospects for a major war, the timing of the next wave of peace, or who would get elected president. What would you do with such a skill set -- and how much would it be worth? Get a crash course in how you can use the stock market to forecast these trends and more when you watch the documentary History's Hidden Engine. See the full, 60-minute film FREE when you join the SocioClub, the world's largest socionomics educational community.

Can You Navigate the Altcoin Universe of "Cons and fraudsters and scams"? Yes!

Our analysis of the altcoin Polkadot shows that you can avoid click-bait driven commentary on cryptos, and instead focus on the Elliott wave patterns that unfold on market price charts.


Bitten by FANG? Clocked by Cryptos? -- 'Air Pockets' Everywhere

Down more than 25%, the NASDAQ is "officially" in bear-market territory. "Big whoop" as they used to say -- some of the hi-tech darlings have already been cut in half and then some. Bet the folks down 50% or more in their so-called investments are glad to hear they're "official." And now Bitcoin, the King of Cryptos, has hit an "air pocket" of its own and fallen below $30,000. Wonder if that's officially a bear market, too? This excerpt from our new, May Financial Forecast explains how it all fits together.


Bitcoin: How to Spot Signs of Fast Reversals

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no strangers to volatile, sharp reversals. If you get caught up in one unprepared, it's not a good feeling. But watch our Crypto Trader's Classroom instructor show you how Elliott waves can help take the "surprise" out of crypto "surprises."