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Video Mood Riffs: Homers, Strike Outs & A House of Mouse Reboot

by Socionomics Institute
Updated: December 09, 2022

Use the stock market to stay ahead of cultural trends

You probably know that the stock market is an excellent leading economic indicator. It's also an excellent leading indicator for trends in politics, pop culture, business, peace & war, societal health and more. The Socionomics Premier Membership unlocks the forecasting power of the stock market to help you stay ahead of trends throughout society and culture. Start your membership today and put yourself on the path to being prepared for major societal shifts -- instead of being surprised at every turn.


"A Classic Bearish Reversal Sequence"

In this clip from our Commodity Pro Service, editor Jim Martens highlights a "classic" Elliott-wave setup that can lead to a high-confidence trend change. In Jim's words, "A classic bearish reversal sequence I always mention. I want to see this before I'm confident that the trend has changed." The good news, you can apply this lesson to any market!

PTPC: In Harmony with Social Mood -- The Genius, King, Godfather and Poet Laureate

Ray Charles. Elvis. James Brown. Chuck Berry. These four pop music icons need no introduction. Music historians have told their individual stories many times. But when we zoom out and look at their careers collectively, we see the indelible influence of social mood on their bouts of triumph and tumult.

Trends, Turns and Dollar Index Opportunities Since 2021

Sentiment indicators can help you anticipate huge turns in financial market trends. See exactly what Short Term Update subscribers saw at the start and the end of a two-year move in the Dollar Index.