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See the Chart That Predicted the College Enrollment Meltdown Years Before Covid

by The Socionomics Institute
Updated: May 26, 2022

The higher ed bubble is only beginning to burst

Record tuition prices. Record endowments. Record student loan debt. And a crumbling economy. How long can those "record" trends in higher ed persist, and what happens when those uptrends turn down? The June 2022 issue of The Socionomistshows you how the landscape of higher ed is likely to look as the bubble bursts -- with dramatic implications for students, colleges, employers, entrepreneurs and those whose livelihoods are tied to higher education. Read it instantly when you become a Socionomics Premier Member.

Netflix: Way More Room to Drop

The stock price of Netflix is down a lot and many investors believe the worst of the punishment is over. Yet, when you look at this chart of NFLX's price history, you may reach an independent conclusion.

Gold Was Primed to Rally. Then, Things Turned on a Dime (Well… 3,000 dimes to be exact!)

In early March, gold prices seemed primed to reclaim record highs with a barge of bullish factors floating in its "fundamental" harbor: Looming recession, rate hikes and the ongoing Ukraine war. But instead, that bullish barge sank right alongside a triple-digit decline in price. It's time for an intervention!

China Real Estate Leads Down: Does the U.S. Follow?

We began to cover China's coming real estate debacle as early as July 2017: Now see the chart & forecast, and if U.S. real estate may follow.