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See THREE Dow Levels You Need to Know to Predict the 2020 Election

by Matt Lampert
Updated: September 22, 2020

Discover WHY the stock market is a powerful re-election indicator in a groundbreaking FREE report

The most-downloaded study on presidential elections in the history of the Social Science Research Network reveals why and under what conditions you can use the stock market to forecast who will win a presidential election. Plus, it’s packed with a host of insights into markets and politics that only a study of 200 years of history can uncover. Read the paper's relevant, deeply-researched findings for yourself, free, on the Social Science Research Network.

This Altcoin is Everywhere Right Now, But Was on our Radar 8 Months Ago

Only recently did the Chainlink crypto became all the rage -- yet, our Crypto Pro Service presented the opportunity to subscribers on January 15, 2021. See the story for yourself now.

Case Study: Our "Bullseye" Call for the Inflation Turn

In 2008 commodity prices began a decade-plus decline. Yet, in Feb. 2020, our forecast anticipated the coming turn in commodity prices. See it for yourself in Chart of the Day.

Here’s a Unique Way to Spot Worthy Investment or Trading Ideas

Spot new investment opportunities by using our proprietary software called EWAVES, Elliott Wave Analysis & Validation Expert System. The way it "operates is the epitome of unbiased wave analysis." Here are the details.