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Polls Miss AGAIN. There Must Be a Better Way...

by Editorial Staff
Updated: November 04, 2020

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Video Mood Riffs: Just Say No to Drug Charges & Improvised Market Explanations

John Watson, EWI's intrepid video wiz, made a video version of the Mood Riffs column from The Socionomist, the monthly magazine published by our sister organization, The Socionomics Institute. If you like it half as much as we do, you're going to be an instant fan.

Do "Flash Crashes" Really Come Out of the Blue?

"Black swans" or "flash crashes" are sudden market moves that shock just about everyone. However, when you watch market price patterns, you can often anticipate a sharp move ahead, in both directions. Watch our European Financial Forecast Service editor explain what to look for. (DJ Norway Stock Index in focus.)

U.S. Stock Indexes: How We Forecast 2022 So Far

The 3-time per week Short Term Update has kept subscribers a step ahead of the relevant trends and turns in U.S. stock indexes. See the chart and forecasts for yourself, right now.