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FTX: What Happens After the Scandal?

by Editorial Staff
Updated: January 05, 2023

Stay ahead of trends, capitalize on opportunities and dodge risks

Most people don't see big changes coming until it's too late. As a result, investors buy high and sell low. Businesses commit to their biggest expansions just before recessions strike. Countries are bloated and girded for war at the onset of peaceful times, and they are dilapidated and unprepared when wars breakout. Even top strategists and futurists get blindsided by changing trends. Socionomics Premier Members are among the few who truly understand why social trends unfold. Members are equipped to calmly anticipate change and pounce on opportunities that most people don't even see coming. You can join them when you start your Socionomics Premier Membership today.

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Wheat Had the Ultimate Bullish Boost – War! So Why Did It Go Bust Instead?

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PTPC: The Stock Market is Riskier Than Economists Realized

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