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A Maleficent Mood Strikes Disney's Stock Price

by The Socionomics Institute
Updated: April 22, 2022

"Disney" and "lightning rod for controversy" rarely appear in the same sentence, but the House of Mouse has found itself at the center of a series of storms over the past 12 months. The company faces the prospect of losing the copyright on Walt Disney's original depictions of Mickey Mouse and other classic characters. The Florida legislature voted to curb the company's special tax status in the state. The firm's leadership drew the ire of both the political left and right over its stance on a controversial education bill. And to top it all off, Disney's stock price is down nearly 40% from its March 2021 high.

Why has the family-friendly icon come under so much fire? The July 2014 issue of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast explained,

Disney's corporate empire, from its cartoon movies to its theme parks to its sports networks, stacks one bull market enterprise on top of another. Try as it might, it cannot change its stripes. Its stock should fall dramatically in the next bear market phase.

Might the Most Magical Place on Earth -- and the markets -- be in for tougher times ahead?

See how Disney has fared in previous bull and bear markets in this clip from History's Hidden Engine.

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