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Options trading became quite the rage among traders during the pandemic.

The problem? Most traders knew next to nothing about trading options and were eventually wiped out.

Thing is, there's so much more to options than just buying puts and selling calls. You need a firm foundation of knowledge and solid strategies to be successful trading options.

Enter Robert Kelley.

Robert is a veteran Elliott wave analyst that has applied the Wave Principle, technical tools and his own proprietary strategies to options since 1986. And believe it or not, he's still adding tools to his options trading arsenal every day. Now he wants to share his knowledge with you!

A history of success with Elliott waves helping options traders

Why the Wave Principle?

Wave patterns give you perspective. Impulse wave? One direction. Unhedged positions. Lots of delta. Corrective wave? Rangebound. Sell premium. Work the theta. Volatility? Hey, the Hulk understood gamma -- should you?

Many of the world's top options traders believe that because of this deep symbiosis, options and Elliott waves are made for each other.

Back in 1984, Elliott Wave International's founder and president Robert Prechter won the U.S. Trading Championship with a then-record 444% gain in a monitored trading account.

The vehicle Prechter chose to beat the market? Options.

Know where the market is headed -- and how it's likely to get there

Too often, options traders lack a solid way to forecast where the market is headed. Which makes it tough to bet with any kind of confidence or conviction.

That keeps you off-balance, raises your risk and lowers (or destroys!) a move's potential -- the opposite of what you want.

Because Elliott waves show you the market's most likely path, they help solve this problem.

Imagine knowing where the market is likely headed 5 days before expiration. Three days before. One day.

Imagine the edge that gives you.

That's what this live course is about: Training you to become that trader who applies Elliott waves to spot the market direction, picks the best options strategy -- and capitalizes on the opportunity with confidence.
In addition to using Elliott to trade options, you will learn some systematic techniques that take out any subjectivity to option trading. You'll learn what technical indicators to use, and the specific parameters to apply to your options trading for the best results.

"I am firmly convinced this is the most effective technical options course I have ever taken. Most important, I believe I will be able to improve my trading and therefore increase my financial success with each trade. You have given me a new level of technical knowledge, skills and confidence to apply those skills. Thank you." - Anthony O.

"Robert Kelley knows his options and openly shares his favorite strategies. He gave me a ton of new information and I will be referring to these video sessions many times in my future trading." - Jeannine W.

"Robert Kelley is very informative and a gifted speaker of his knowledge and personal development of options strategies. I have witnessed his Elliott wave intraday analysis for years and rely on his stability and perspective. This class is a giant step toward advancing my trading education and practical awareness." - Ted R.

"I loved the real-world input from Robert in his formulation of the self-created graphical interface.... obviously from a career market person who is neck deep in the fray all day long every day he is at work." - James B.

"Informative and inspiring. I can't wait to apply some techniques that we have seen. Thank you!" - Sylvie L.

This course might be your "big break"

Elliott waves and options are a great match, especially when you have a 35-year market veteran for a course instructor showing you the ropes.

You're in good hands with Robert Kelley, who got started with options back in 1986.

Robert Kelley

Robert Kelley

Senior Market Analyst
Robert Kelley, CEWA-M, joined EWI in 1990 and edited The Elliott Wave Short Term Update, the Currency and Commodity Hotline and the currency section of The Elliott Wave Currency and Commodity Forecast newsletter. Robert now provides intraday analysis for our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service and trading lessons inside our educational service, Trader's Classroom.

Bottom line:

Robert's live, hands-on course flattens your learning curve.

So you can capitalize on today's big moves...

...instead of watching them pass you by.

Here's how your immersive learning experience is structured:

Module 1
"Key Options Basics"

  • Get an overview of options pricing and how to get started
  • Look at key options statistics and how they can help you get the most out of each position
  • Learn about rates of time decay, volatility skew, the most common options strategies, the most liquid options, and the importance of weekly options

Module 2

  • A look at spreads. Learn how they work and the advantages they offer: margin requirements, strike selection process
  • How to use index options; weekly and daily options
  • How to screen for and trade liquid options
  • Best practices for options order entry

Module 3
Iron Condors

  • How to use an Iron Condor strategy to trade in a sideways options market
  • Learn advanced tactics using a simple approach

Module 4
Proprietary Strategies 

  • See complete trading strategies for SPY and VXX options; includes the specific parameters, entry and exit rules  
  • How to incorporate a unique, high-confidence options strategy that helps produce winners and avoid losers
  • Robert's own time-tested VXX strategies to help you take advantage of volatility pops

Module 5
SPY Strategies

  • SPYMaster put selling strategy
  • SPY RSI selling techniques

Module 6
ODTE S&P Strategies

  • The unique opportunities that Zero Days to Expiration Options offer
  • How to trade the S&P with 0DTE

Module 7
Options Trading Tools

  • Dynamic Trend
  • Eliades Cycle Projection
  • FSC Cycle Scanner
  • Seasonals
  • EWI Flash Services

Module 8
Covered Calls on Volatile Stocks

  • Learn how to write covered calls on volatile stocks

Module 9
Bear Market Strategies

  • Learn how to trade options in a bear market

Module 10
Options Trading Tips & Tricks

  • Money management
  • Brokers and software
  • General tips

Module 11
Advanced Strategies - Part 1

  • Live overview of advanced options trading strategies

Module 12
Advanced Strategies - Part 2

  • Live overview of advanced options trading strategies

This online course is your COMPLETE options trading toolbox

After completing the course, you walk away with loads of practical options trading knowledge that Robert developed and fine-tuned through 35 years of real-time market experience.

At the end of the course, you'll be able to sail through each step of your decision-making process:

Step 1: Identify the Elliott wave pattern

Step 2: Apply key technical tools to improve your odds

Step 3: Pick the optimal options strategy

Step 4: Execute


Step by step, the modules show you strategies few options traders ever talk about.

All with a single goal:
Give you time-tested tools to help you become a better options trader, faster.


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