One-on-One Coaching

Get a personalized Elliott wave education through intensive one-on-one coaching with market veteran Wayne Gorman.

"There is only one shortcut to obtaining experience, and that is to find a mentor."

The Elliott Wave Theorist gave this piece of advice in 1984, and it remains true today.

If you are serious about using the Wave Principle to succeed, about doing what it takes to be the best trader you can be, then look no further.

We have your perfect mentor and the perfect learning format: One-on-One Coaching with Wayne Gorman.

Coaching strengthens your ability to use the Wave Principle as an analytical model and as a trading tool. It is the most intensive and focused trader's education we offer. It improves your ability to uncover the highest-confidence opportunities and to identify entry points and price targets. It helps you learn to use the Wave Principle's built-in rules and guidelines to squeeze the most from the positions you enter.

And, it teaches you to know exactly when to change your outlook based on the wave model, and how to limit your risk to the barest minimum.

Meet Wayne Gorman

The business of trading never offers certainties. Even so: One-on-One Coaching is positively the best way we know for a motivated trader to achieve career success.

Crucial to that success is EWI's Senior Tutorial Instructor, Wayne Gorman. Wayne enjoys mentoring others as much as they enjoy it. We think he is the most qualified person in the world to serve as your Coaching mentor.

But don't take it from us. Here is what a few seasoned professionals had to say when asked about Wayne:

"Wayne Gorman is my go-to-guy for a second opinion. He is truly a pro's pro. His grasp of Elliott is valuable not only from an analyst's perspective, but more importantly when it comes to trading and risk management. It's an eye-opening experience."
Steve Craig, EWI Chief Energy Analyst

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"Wayne Gorman is an engaging teacher. Yet his greatest strength is his meticulous approach... When Wayne constructs trading strategies, he sees the nuances of probability. He imparts this skill to the traders he mentors. This makes Wayne the perfect person to lead One-on-One Coaching."

— Robert Prechter, EWI President

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Good Lessons Don't HAVE to Come 'The Hard Way'

Not every lesson has to come "the hard way." You can speed up the learning curve.

In 1984, Bob Prechter won the U.S. Trading Championship with a record 444% gain in 4 months. Later he explained how he did so and gave this sentence of advice:

"There is only one shortcut to obtaining experience, and that is to find a mentor."

If you are serious about using the Wave Principle to make smarter, more confident trades, consider Coaching. In recent years, Wayne's mentorship through Coaching has been the breakthrough for a few fortunate traders. You'll read their comments below. Now, we offer this same mentorship to you. If you join One-on-One Coaching,we are confident that the benefit you accrue will dramatically surpass the investment you make in this service.

We invite you to read on and learn why.

What past students have said about Wayne Gorman, as a teacher and mentor

"I highly recommend personal one on one coaching sessions. Wayne Gorman can guide you and open your eyes to improve your trading techniques. It was indeed very productive ... I realize what I have been doing wrong. Highly recommended."
Daulat D.

"Well illustrated, well explained and very comprehensive.... Thanks a million, Wayne."
Geoff B.

"I have gained real insight to another dimension of trading.... My thanks to Wayne Gorman and his team."
David E.

"It's nice to know someone is as enthusiastic about answering my questions as I am asking them... There is SO much information that it's like drinking water out of a fire hose."
Bo N.

"Nothing beats hearing an experienced practitioner share his insights in a lucid and organized manner. Thank you."
Leonard K.

"It's a great benefit to have an experienced person such as Wayne explain the right way.... I picked up more things for my trading."
Leigh B.

Your One-on-One Coaching Session

Just You & Wayne Gorman

No less than 48 hours before your One-on-One Coaching session, you may submit charts of your past/recent trades for Wayne to review with you.

Then, you get a 1-hour intensive personal session with Wayne. The session happens via live two-way screen sharing.

Your session is as detailed as you need it to be. You drive the discussion to where you need it the most.

Only you and Wayne Gorman are connected during your session. Here Wayne "sits by your side." He studies your past trades -- including your analysis, trading plan, position management and more.

 Your first 1-hour One-on-One Coaching session costs


You can add time to your session or start a new session at a rate of $347 per half hour.

After your purchase, an EWI Customer Care representative will contact you to discuss scheduling.

If you have questions about One-on-One Coaching, you are welcome to contact our Customer Care department via this form. Or, call 800-336-1618 or +1-770-536-0309, Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm Eastern Time and reference Coaching.