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View the Global Economy from 30,000 Feet

by Murray Gunn
Updated: April 17, 2020

The world's going crazy. You can stay sane.

There IS an antidote to today's chaos, confusion, noise and volatility.

That antidote is the calm, clear, objective analysis that allows you to see market trends, create a game plan -- and sleep at night.

That's what you get in each new issue of EWI's Global Market Perspective. Over 50+ pages, it gives you snapshot analysis and forecasts for the world's top 40+ markets.

And… you can even go one step further. Prechter's Conquer the Crash quickly hit the NYT's Business Bestseller list when it was first released. Now in its 2020 edition, Conquer the Crash is still your go-to guide to survive and prosper in a severe economic downturn.

If keeping your finances and family out of harm's way is on your mind, consider the Conquer the Crash + Global Market Perspective bundle below.

And stay safe.

Monthly - $59/mo
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Get the next timely issue of Global Market Perspective as soon as it's published.

You can be ready for global risks and opportunities that catch most investors by surprise.

GMP gives you a complete, useful perspective that you cannot find anywhere else.


Crash Protection Package

This package gives you everything you need to prepare for and stay on top of the fast-unfolding financial and economic turmoil. You get the NYT bestseller, Conquer the Crash (2020 edition); and 6 months of Global Market Perspective, which gets you up to speed with the current situation in 50+ markets fast and keeps you ahead of waves in global stocks, gold, oil, currencies, cryptos, bonds and the economy as they unfold.

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