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Cheers for the 2021 Stock Market and These “Great Expectations”

Insights into “the most speculative of strategies … among the most speculative of traders”

by Bob Stokes
Updated: December 30, 2020

We're reminded during this time of year of the wonderful classic by Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol."

As you probably know, the Victorian-era British novelist also wrote several other books, including "Great Expectations."

That title is also a fitting description of the mindset of many stock market investors as they raise their glass to 2021: "Cheers to the market!"

One example of the positive expectations for the market is from a BMO Capital Markets' strategist (Yahoo News, Dec. 7):

"Expect another year of double-digit gains. We anticipate that 2021 has the potential to be one of the best years ever in terms of earnings growth."

Yet another is from a Goldman Sachs' strategist:

"We recommend overweights in Information Technology, Health Care, Industrials and Materials."

Several other professionals have expressed "great expectations" for stocks in 2021.

But novice speculators are also on board.

The December Elliott Wave Theorist showed this chart from SentimenTrader and said:


The chart shows that traders with only $9000 to their names are aggressive to a record degree.

The Theorist goes on to quote SentimenTrader:

"Among the smallest of traders, 54% of volume flowed into buying call options to open over the past week. That's a record amount of focus among the most speculative of strategies and among the most speculative of traders. The 5-year chart shows just how much this behavior has ticked up." -- SentimenTrader

Great expectations, indeed!

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