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Yes, This Chart IS Real!

by Murray Gunn
Updated: March 08, 2023

The last year has been truly historic. What consequences await?

The included chart shows just how incredible recent events in financial markets have been. Up until the last year, the annualized percentage change in the Federal Reserve's key policy interest rate, the Federal Funds rate, had not been particularly dramatic. In 1959, the rate had advanced by over 400% on an annualized basis, in 2005 by over 150% and in 2016 by over 200%. Declines have never achieved an annualized clip of greater than 100%.

As of just now, though, the annualized percentage increase in the Federal Funds interest rate sits at 5,600%. The number is so incredible it is worth thinking about whether it actually means anything or not.

See the chart and learn what it entails for you!

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