See the Warning Signs:
Real Estate & Banking

Here's a paradox for you: The more investors are convinced of a trend, bullish or bearish, the LESS likely that trend is to continue.

Yep. The big crowd gets aboard right as the trend is ready to change.

What about now? Is this one of those times -- when a big reversal is about to happen?

That's what Robert Prechter's latest Elliott Wave Theorist is about.

Ever since 1978, the monthly Theorist has helped investors prepare by shining a light on the parts of the financial world that are right under the mainstream experts' noses, but which they don't -- or don't care to -- see.

The latest Theorist is like that. The issue is full of insights that'll you'll look at and, slapping hand to head, say -- gosh, how could ANYONE not see that?

We hand-picked two excerpts from the latest Elliott Wave Theorist: “Warning Signs in the Property Market” and “Warning Signs in Banking.”

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