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Netflix (NFLX): When Bulls and Bears Collide

You know that sometimes it's easy to look at a price chart and think, "I know exactly where this market is headed!"

But most times, it's not that simple. We've been there, too.

In this video, our Trader's Classroom editor, Jeffrey Kennedy, asks YOU to label the price chart of Netflix (NFLX). It's not an easy one!

Then, Jeffrey shows you how to use Elliott waves to generate key price levels to identify a bullish (or a bearish) opportunity.

Watch now.

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Meet the Analyst.

Jeffrey Kennedy

Jeffrey Kennedy Chief Commodity Analyst

Jeffrey Kennedy, MSTA, CFTe, CMT, CEWA-M, is Chief Commodity Analyst at Elliott Wave International (EWI), with 25-plus years of experience as an analyst, trader and teacher. He writes Commodity Junctures, EWI's premier commodity forecasting package that focuses on Elliott wave analysis of the commodity markets. He also produces Trader's Classroom, an educational service that shows how to spot trading opportunities with wave analysis and supporting technical methods. In 2014, he achieved the title of a Chartered Market Technician, certifying his proficiency in multiple technical analysis tools. Subscribers and students always tell us how committed he is to empowering them to achieve trading success.