How to Invest for Brexit

Crisis has become the new normal for Europe. From the upcoming Brexit vote to the ongoing migrant turmoil to crippling economies and crumbling currencies—European markets are moving fast, and if you do not get ahead of the most dangerous risks and lucrative opportunities now, you (and your investment portfolio) may pay the price of missing out for years, even decades, to come. In this report, Chief European Market Analyst Brian Whitmer gives critical insight into the coming vote and tells you what you need to know.

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A Rare Opportunity at a Critical Time for European Investors

If you follow Europe's major financial news networks, you're no doubt inundated by all the rumor and conjecture surrounding the Brexit referendum -- it dominates the headlines.

Back across the pond, the Washington Post calls it the "most important vote in Europe in a half-century."

So will Great Britain exit the EU? If it does, what happens next? How do you separate fact from fiction, the signals from the noise? Is a Brexit bullish or bearish for Europe's already weak markets and economies? What about Great Britain's market and economy? How will it impact U.S. investors? Who stands to benefit the most? Who stands to lose the most?

And most important of all ... where does your money fit into the picture? How can you protect it? And are there any opportunities developing out of the turmoil?

EWI Chief European Market Analyst Brian Whitmer has been tracking EU break-up signs since forecasting the Union's coming unraveling as early as 2009, and he asks and answers investors' most pressing questions inside this new free report.

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Meet Your Author

Brian Whitmer Editor, European Financial Forecast

Brian Whitmer was a civil engineer in another life, so he's got a good sense of how things are constructed. Applying that skill set, he deconstructs today's sundry financial vehicles, like CDOs, meme stocks, subprime mortgages, SPACs, et al, and contextualizes them for his subscribers in the monthly European Financial Forecast and the European stock section of Global Market Perspective. He's also got a bit of wanderlust and is currently traveling around the world for a first-hand, boots-on-the-ground feel for what's really going on.