How to Build a Solid Trading Plan

Michael Madden, Senior Currency Analyst
35 minutes | $99 value | FREE

Successful traders have one thing in common: a solid trading plan.

EWI’s Senior FX Analyst, Michael Madden, shows you how to use the Wave Principle to spot trade setups that naturally come with their own, “built-in” trading plan. You’ll get valuable information that will help you learn how to create a solid trade plan using Elliott waves.

This course teaches you how to build a trading plan with these keys:

  • Identifying genuine trading opportunities to help you focus on winnable trades
  • Maximizing each opportunity with precise entry/exit strategies
  • Using the Elliott Wave Principle to set realistic trade targets
  • Risk management techniques for real-time adjustments

Winston Churchill aptly stated, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”

Take advantage of this free course and get the skills to Build a Solid Trading Plan.

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