Elliott Waves for the Great Unwinding Road

Murray Gunn, EWI Head of Global Research
33 minutes | $250 Value | FREE

Throughout this fast-paced presentation, EWI Head of Global Research Murray Gunn lets 30+ charts do the talking. Get ready! You'll learn:

How, going as far back as 1989, between the U.S., Germany, Japan and China, only U.S. stocks are up significantly -- see Murray's explanation of what this implies

How Elliott wave patterns in Russia's RTS Index called for Russia's invasion of Ukraine -- now see what the waves say about China vs. Taiwan

What Elliott waves in EUR/USD and GBP/USD say about the USD's future

Key price levels to watch in Bitcoin, crude oil and gold

Plus, you get a deep dive into the global bond market, the M2 money supply, inflation vs. deflation and much, much more.

As the world re-sets to a new paradigm, Elliott wave analysis gives you a roadmap for navigating the unwinding of decades of excess.

Free, see this new roadmap now (easily a $250 value).

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