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You Can Discover 5 Reliable Setups in Just 26 Minutes

Whatever your preferred investment timeframe, one huge key to spotting the best Elliott setups is to keep it simple. Basically, you want to either recognize an obvious pattern right away -- or keep looking.

In this free 26-minute video, long-time guide for EWI's Trader's Classroom subscribers Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how to quickly spot 5 price patterns. When you see one of these setups, you'll know that prices are likely to break hard, soon.

Watch as Jeffrey focuses your attention on charts of 5 stocks, as their prices unfold in real time: WPX Energy (WPX), Dow DuPont (DWDP), Citrix (CTXS), Costco (COST), Bank of America (BAC).

You'll discover

  • The 5 reliable Elliott wave setups that make up ~80% of all price action
  • How to know when prices are likely to travel farthest, fastest
  • How to know when "the party is about to end" -- and it's time to get out

Here's Jeffrey's promise to you: "With these setups, you'll be armed and dangerous."

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