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We're Looking for People Who Want to Radically Challenge the Way They Invest and Make Decisions

Are YOU the kind of person who wants to:

  • Get more rational?
  • Base your decisions on reason, not gut alone?
  • KNOW why you're doing something?
  • All using a method that has helped millions of investors for almost 100 years?

We can help.

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12 Days of Elliott:

A new serial resource that will help you approach the markets and financial and life decisions with confidence

Hello, friend. This is the season for giving. So I thought I'd do some radical giving of my own.

Starting December 1, I'm giving away 12 days of free gifts to anyone who's ready for them.

Each of the gifts is a resource that people pay good money for.

But during this special time of the year, I'm giving them away to people who want change.

Don't accept this offer if you're looking for comfort.

Accept it if you're looking to challenge the way you invest and make decisions.

What You'll Get

By day 13, you’ll have the Elliott wave tools you need to help you approach your investment choices with a new level of understanding and confidence.


It all starts with a method.

EWI's founder and president Robert Prechter said, "In my opinion, the Wave Principle is the best way to understand the framework of the market -- and where prices are within that framework."

Take the next 12 days to learn how to put Elliott to work for you.

We'll keep each of the 12 gifts a surprise. But know this: Each one will get you closer to the goal of becoming independent -- and, by extension, more confident in your choices.

Take 12 days -- December 1-12.

Watch your email inbox for a new resource each day.

You will have access to the free resources through Dec. 16.

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