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Crude Oil Enters Bear Market: An (In)Convenient Coronavirus Truth?

by Nico Isaac
Updated: February 05, 2020

Market Opportunities Are Not A "Spectator Sport"

It seems so obvious: A market forecast is only useful before the price move happens. If you read about "what happened" a day, week, or month later, then you're only a spectator.

You can't rely on news: Markets move first, and only after do news stories tell of "shortages," "surpluses," or "viral flu." Our subscribers were ready for the major move in crude oil before it happened. And you can likewise see what we see right now, in energy markets and a lot more, inside 2 of our popular subscription services: Global Market Perspective and Energy Pro Service.

Pick the service that suits your needs below:

I'm an Investor

I need big-picture forecasts for energy markets each month.

Our Global Market Perspective has been covering oil, natural gas and other energy markets since its inception in 1992. Each month, Chief Energy Analyst Steve Craig tells you like it is: what he sees next for the major energy commodities, and why. Plus, you get Elliott wave forecasts for stocks, bonds, metals, currencies (including cryptos) and more -- 40+ global markets in total.

I'm an Active Trader

I need intensive energy market coverage throughout the day.

Energy markets are never boring. Our Energy Pro Service market experts have decades of experience forecasting them using Elliott waves and other technical tools. Skip watching the news and watch price patterns instead -- and let us help you catch those short-term moves.

A Look at the Perilous Psychology of Financial Bubbles

Investors justify financial bubbles all the way to the top. This perilous psychology led to massive losses after the market peaks of 2000 and 2007. Now, in 2020, the same warning is showing up in the financial news.

Off with His Head: Kingdoms Fall When Social Mood Shifts to Negative

Big negative social mood trends drive big market declines. These trends ALSO drive social conflict, even revolution. So in periods of big bear market declines, we see that monarchs also fall. Watch for yourself just how true this is.

2020: "May You Live in Interesting Times"

Lots has been said about how unprecedented 2020 has been. From the financial markets' perspective, the fast bear market in February-March -- followed by a fast recovery -- certainly fit the bill. Watch our Financial Forecast co-editor touch on a few more points.