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This Chart of Coffee Prices Since 1977 Speaks Volumes

by Editorial Staff
Updated: July 29, 2020

With the big tech names stealing the spotlight lately, it's easy to forget that there is an entire universe of other markets out there.

Take commodities, for example.

Now, you can apply Elliott wave analysis to charts of any time frame. In this video, watch our Commodity Junctures editor walk you through coffee's wave pattern going back some 40 years.

You'll also learn what Elliott waves suggest for this important commodity in the months (and years) ahead.

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Some commodity investors watch the weather…

...others watch Elliott waves.

Sure -- supply, demand and weather events can and do affect commodity prices.

But like any other market with a large investor participation, commodity prices also show reliable Elliott wave patterns.

That's what makes them predictable -- without turning your eye to the sky.

Let us show you what we mean -- try our Commodity Junctures risk-free for 30 days.

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