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So, Wait… Just HOW Do I Make a Forecast Using Elliott Waves?

by Vadim Pokhlebkin
Updated: October 05, 2020

You may already know the basic premise of Elliott wave analysis: market prices are not random; they are patterned. But hold on, it gets even more interesting.

When you watch prices jump around on a chart, you are really witnessing market participants' collective psychology swing up and down, from optimism to pessimism and back again. Over and over.

And it swings in predictable patterns!

So, once you've identified the pattern in progress, you can then make a reasonable, probability-based forecast as to where prices should go next.

Watch our Trader's Classroom editor explain using the chart of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN).

Here's what makes this lesson even more interesting: REGN recently jumped into spotlight after its product was used to treat President Trump for COVID-19.

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Who knew -- in early October! -- that REGN would jump?

Our Trader's Classroom did -- because Elliott waves showed them as early as October 2 that a bottom was near for the stock, and a new rally was due next.

Does every forecast work out like that? Of course not. But with the waves, you can certainly see which way the wind is blowing, and usually even derive price targets and risk-management levels to watch.

Let us show you more new market opportunities -- and how someone might take advantage of them.

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