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“Reverse Fibonacci”: A Simple Way to Set Price Targets

by Jeffrey Kennedy
Updated: December 23, 2020

You probably know what Fibonacci numbers are... remember those famous rabbits?

And if you're familiar with even the basics of Elliott wave analysis, you also know how useful Fibonacci ratios are -- when, for example, you're trying to project potential trend reversal points.

But have you ever heard of "Reverse Fibonacci"? Probably not -- but it can be a very useful tool, as well.

In this video, our Sr. Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy shows you this simple price-projection technique.

Market in focus: coffee. (But you can apply it to any market.)

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"What's the trade?" is the most common question on Wall Street.

Investor and traders struggle with this question every day. Commodities are rich with potential trades – just like the cocoa trend you just saw (still in progress). And with ETFs tracking most major commodity markets, investing or trading them is literally easier than ever.

Still, that persistent question remains: "What's the trade?"

We can give you the answers. Since 2012, our Commodity Junctures, under the helm of Jeffrey Kennedy, has uncovered hundreds of potential trade setups based on solid Elliott wave and other technical market evidence.

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