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Oil's 25% Drop on March 18 Had Nothing to Do with OPEC

by Steve Craig
Updated: March 19, 2020

After a 25% one-day sell-off, a 25% one-day rally.

But don't expect the news to tell you what's NEXT for crude.

Speculating in the energy markets used to be reserved only for the pros. Today, energy ETFs make this exciting market accessible to everyone.

But just because it's easy to trade oil these days doesn't mean that it's easy to win.

That's where our Energy Pro Service forecasts come in. Every evening, you get updates rooted in market psychology.

That's the true driver or market trends -- and when markets get as wild as they have been, Elliott waves of market psychology actually get clearer.

See for yourself when you see our latest forecasts for crude, natural gas and ETFs like XLE, USO and more.

4 ways EWI's Energy Pro Service lets you trade with more confidence

1. You Get Daily Forecasts

Your Energy Pro Service subscription puts a veteran energy market expert in your corner. His goal is to make sure that day-by-day, you see the very latest Elliott wave picture. You get intensive daily coverage to help you get in front of intermediate-term opportunities.

Markets covered: NYMEX: crude oil, natgas, ETFs (XLE, etc.)

2. You’re Ready for All Probabilities with Video Overviews

Once a week or more, editor Steve Craig records new video market overviews to show you ALL Elliott wave counts for the Energy complex. You see his outlook in detail – plus, any strong alternatives that may enter the picture. Result: You’re prepared to act on all probabilities.

3. You Get Essential Weekly Perspective

Context is key. Your Energy Pro Service subscription gives you big-picture analysis to help you ride major trends – trends that can last years. This essential perspective puts the near-term moves into context. Together, you get a comprehensive Elliott wave picture for the energy markets at every degree of trend.

4. You Become Part of an Exclusive Community of Savvy Elliott Wave Traders

We're on your side and working for you. If you have a question about the Wave Principle or our analysis, just send us an email. A team member will get back to you. If it makes sense for the answer to be shared with your Pro Service peers, we'll do so (confidentially, of course). If you're having a hard time grasping an Elliott wave concept, our Educational Consultant will find the best resource for you and send it along. We know that we're successful when you are successful. We do everything in our power to make sure that happens.

See for Yourself How Elliott Waves Help You Trade with More Confidence

Let an Elliott wave expert help you anticipate turns and trends in crude oil, nat gas and ETFs.