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Investing? Ignore the News & Watch These

by Brian Whitmer
Updated: March 12, 2020

"You DO NOT need to follow COVID-19 outbreak to take advantage of current market opportunities."

Yes: Technical indicators, not the news, allowed us to prepare subscribers for the crash a full month in advance.

The alternative? "If you keep waiting for the news about the virus before making investment decisions, you'll be chronically late."

News-based investing always puts you in a reactive mode. To become a proactive investor, you must know 1) Elliott wave pattern, and 2) Sentiment readings.

Our investor-focused Financial Forecast Service can show you both, right now. Start reading our latest analysis now.


Want Proof Markets Are NON-Rational? See This.

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What did Disney’s dominance and horror’s resurgence tell us about the stock market? A lot, actually. Discover how we used developments in movies, pop music, business and politics to foresee a major positive mood extreme, and get a preview for where social trends are headed next.

GBPUSD: From 35-YEAR Low to 3-Week High. Did You See That Coming?

The British Pound recently hit a 35-year low against the US Dollar, yet in a matter of days rose in a 9-plus percent rally thru March 27. There's only one way that forex traders enjoy moves like these -- and that's with a "saw-that-coming" forecast.